Monday, 8 February 2010

Starting Out A Journey

I'm stranger, starting out on a journey.....

Never dreaming, what i have to go through....

Now here i am, I'm suddenly standing with a blank stare and mix feeling and suddenly....a crossroad has appeared in front of me....

Which direction i should take? A smooth road towards uncertainties or a bumpy road towards a blue sky? Or this is just my assumption? Life may not end out in this way...just like MAMA always said to FOREST: "LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GONNA GET..."

Am i making a right decision? What about the promised that i have made to myself....My faith has started to shake....

If i have the courage and strong mentality....i shall go on and not trying to other way round, i choose to close my window...

Look like i have to start to look back at my mission and vision in life......

GOD...please pray for me and give me your strength and guidance...=)

I Love You, GOD =)

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  1. Dear Dreamy Princess Amy,

    yup, life is just like a box of chocolate (or whatever you want to call it, anyway, if chocolate is what you like then go on, you can call it ice cream if you want since ice cream is sometimes boxed in a box. Just keep it as chocolate at this moment to make things simple k?), you will neven know what you are gonna get.

    Well... That is true if you do not know what kind of chocolate is inside the box, how would the chocolate been felt and its shape. If you were to know that, you will be able to choose.

    But then if you were to choose, then other around you might not feel so nice, as you had picked, and you decided to repick, and they might say : "yucks.. disgusting.."

    So? In order to pick but not disgusting others, you might need to come out with a ? Strategy!

    You might want to be the last person to pick (but of course, your best choice might not be there).

    You might want to put ur eyes into the box before choosing..

    Or you might just want to do some research, see the illustrations on the box, etc..

    else, you have no choice, but to take ur risk of getting whatever you like or not.

    Alright back to the topic.. life is just like a box of chocolate. The chocolate would be the path you choose. If you want to choose the correct chocolate, you have to? Think out a strategy! Do research, consult and experience as you choose, etc..

    Else, if you choose without thinking, ur surroundings might not like you, just like you repick ur chocolate that you like.

    Anyhow, even doing so, does not guarantee you to have the chocolate that you want!


    Because you will only know what chocolate is your favorite when you taste it! Others might tell you dark chocolate taste fantastic, but it might just failed your tastebuds.

    Same as life, you will neven know if you like something in ur life unless you taste it yourself! Others might tell you, bah doing this is not good to you, but had you tried yourself? You will only know it truly, when you take that action, experience it yourself.

    Then, just like chocolate. If you had tried, and know this is not the correct chocolate for you, you would never want to pick that kind again if you can pick it correctly.

    Same as life, if you had tried and know what is the one suits you, you would know that, this is the one I want. This is the job that I wish to do. This is the durian that I like to eat. This is the way that I like to do. This is the person I like, etc..

    But.. what you like does not mean what you would do. For example? If you like that last piece of dark chocolate, but at the same time, somebody likes it too, and you would like to value that somebody, you would probably pick the other chocolates that might just not your best, and let the finest to the one u favor.

    Then it would do the same as in life. You might encounter situations where choices of your best would have objection by others. This would be the time you evaluate if you would like to take that chocolate, or give it to the one you favor (or in some case, it might be shared!)

    Try to know what is the chocolate you want, and when you know that? you will know that it is time to follow your heart!

    Isn't that great that life is like a box of chocolates? =) I hope you have the chocolate you want!


    A dreamy prince.